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Last Updated on 22 July 2021 by Julie

Welcome 3 Stories, a language school specializing in English, French and Japanese in Abbeville, France or online. Here on the English version, you’ll find information about French lessons.

3 Stories, what or who is this?

3 Stories, une formatrice souriante pour apprendre anglais, français et japonais à Abbeville ou à distance

Behind that company name, I’m Julie, a freelance teacher who founded my own language school in 2012.

I just love languages and sharing my knowledge of them with my students. I started teaching in 2000, doing tutoring as a side job during my studies. Then I got some teaching jobs abroad before coming back to France and working for the French Ministry of Education in 2008.

What I offer is to “unlock your tongue”, that is to say to start using the language. You won’t get long grammar lessons with me, the idea is really to communicate as soon as possible to build up confidence and actually speak the language you’re learning.

Whether you’re a complete beginners or you already know some stuff, I’ll be happy to help you improve in French, in Abbeville or online.

Besides, you can take a free trial class to learn more about my methods and my personality.

You can also browse the website to see what sort of French lessons are available.

I also love exchanging (which makes sense in my line of work!) so feel free to reach out thorugh the contact form or on Facebook.

Do you really work alone?

For a while, my husband Teddy has been helping me, especially for technical aspects. Being a computer science teacher, he naturally became the specialist technician for the website.

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